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Academic Portfolio: Multimedia

Please note that these animated samples are .swf files and require Flash player to run.

Animated Online Advertisement CampaignAnimated Online Advertisement Campaign

Instructions: Create a non-branded animated advertisement campaign for online promotion(Sushi lovers in particular might appreciate these).

Biggest Challenges(s): While I had used Adobe Flash prior to this course, I had never created animations for specifically online advertising purposes. As with all advertising projects, I knew that the deliverables needed to engage the user, create a desire for whatever the subject was, and come in four different sizes according to the Universal Advertisement Package Specifications.

How I Overcame the Challenge(s): I chose a food item that seemed popular among Chicago diners, of which I am also particularly fond. To engage the user and create a desire for the food item, I incorporated a cartoon-like appearance by creating the sushi in Adobe Illustrator and using bright colors and a typeface that matched the circular nature of a sushi roll.

My Fuelly Mobile App PrototypeMy Fuelly Mobile Application Prototype

Instructions: Working with at least one other student, create wireframes and an accompanying report for a mobile tablet application.

After this course, we took this project a step further by developing the prototype using Adobe Flash and Actionscript coding, conducting usability testing and adopting a user-centered design approach, to then apply New Media rhetoric and theory for a final project paper in a New Media Studies core course.

We also presented this prototype at the 5th Annual Spread the WoRD Conference in May 2013.

Biggest Challenge(s): While I was familiar with Adobe Flash and Actionscript by the time we implemented this part of the project, I had never created a working prototype before. The process of creating wireframes with a matching report seemed like the easy part - when my partner and I sat down to determine the overall design and how it would be implemented, we had certainly met our match. Furthermore, finding a way to make meaning of New Media rhetoric and theory in how it applies to user-centered design was somewhat intimidating.

How I Overcame the Challenge(s): First of all, not only did I have a partner who was optimistic (for the most part) and cooperative, but we also get along and speak to each other about topics not related to school. We are comfortable enough with each other to professionally collaborate with minimal conflict. This component alone made this multimedia project manageable. Secondly, we thoroughly researched to gather branding standards such as color scheme, icons, typeface, etc. to create a streamlined design that enabled the prototype to serve as an extension of the website. Finally, to apply New Media rhetoric and theory to this project, we conducted usability testing to assess user preferences and behaviors, and connect it to technology's relationship with culture.