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Personal Sketch Drawing Samples

On Paper with Pencil

Below is what happens when I have free time on my hands.

Biggest Challenge(s): Since I did these on my own, there was no real pressure from anyone else but myself. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, which can be time-consuming when producing works that I care about.

How I Overcame the Challenge(s): I sought the advice from friends who had assured me that what I had been doing looked great. By not worrying about each minor detail, I was able to look at the entire picture and looking for ways to make it come together as a whole (which often was much less time-consuming).

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Happy Birthday Tony Ironman Hogwarts
Personal Painting Samples

On Paper with Paint

Let's throw some paint into the mix.

Biggest Challenge(s): I'm much more confident using pencil to sketch on paper because it is easier to edit and manage in my opinion. Paint, on the other hand, can prove to be more difficult due to necessary technique, various sizes of paint brushes, the tendency for colors to mix on the canvas, and much less room for error.

How I Overcame the Challenge(s): I did my best to follow the references used for each purpose, along with trying not to become discouraged any time I made an error. Often times I would first sketch out the elements on the canvas and tried to paint within the lines, which ultimately helped to focus on one part at a time.

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Painting for MediaTracks Painting for Parents Wine Cellar Door
Freelance Graphic Design Samples

On Screen by Request

What happens when people find out you can do graphic design? Hello expanded freelancing.

Biggest Challenge(s): Each project was a challenge. The people who requested the items below were coworkers/friends, and because of the nature of the projects I did them somewhat pro-bono. Nevertheless, this was the first time I was developing my own client base - creating a graphic based on the desires and needs of someone else.

How I Overcame the Challenge(s): Because the "clients" were coworkers and friends, their requests weren't difficult to fulfill - it was just a matter of differentiating between personal and business, or B2C and B2B. For example, the first rows below feature logos and graphics a friend wanted to use for business and tattoo ideas. The bottom row features promotional materials I developed for a start-up project/event African Fashion Week Chicago. I asked the individuals to start out by sending examples of what they wanted, and went from there.

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Pescador Trucking Inc 1 Pescador Trucking Inc 2 Pescador Trucking Inc 3
KOI CFD Mexican Flag Black CFD Mexican Flag White CFD St. Paddy's Day
African Fashion Week Chicago AFW Save the Date